Big School - "Don't Cry, I'll Be Right Back" LP


Chrome is pleased to announce our first release and third full-length album from Welland's BIG SCHOOL. Embracing the saccharine side of punk-sensible rock 'n roll, Big School wraps up 10 songs in a neat 28-minute package that still feels like it's over too soon. Taking as many cues from Guided By Voices as they do from the Buzzcocks, the infectious and high energy melodies of " Don't Cry, I'll Be Right Back" will be ringing in your head before you can flip this record back to side A from side B, then back again.

Housed in a full color cardboard jacket with a double-sided lyrics insert, cut at 45 RPM for maximum loudness. First edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

This release is CHR-001

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